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Originally Posted by Grayfly View Post
This is confusing, should I be in MkI or MkII?
Judging by the fact that some are still able to access and post in the original thread, yet some cannot, for reasons unknown, I don't think there's an answer to that question.

The error message that some are getting when trying to access the original thread seems related to something that's taking too long to redirect, and for some here there doesn't seem to be an easy solution. There must be a record kept of every thread/post that's been viewed by any member, as it doesn't matter what machine you use to access the forum, it remembers which threads/posts you've have already seen, and marks them by changing the font from bold to normal on read threads. Perhaps something has gone awry with the way that works for some of us, leading to the reported access problem. I've no idea why it only affects some, and not others, perhaps one of our IT literate members might be able to hazard a guess.
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