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Originally Posted by LeadSled View Post
Given Qantas' acute pilot recruiting and retention problem right now, it suggests to me that the pool of suitable pilots has already dried up.
Otherwise, among other things, Qantas would not be supporting importing pilots on whatever a 457 visa is now called.
"Other things" including service cancellations and severe crimps on operational planning.
Tootle pip!!
Naturally. QF have had ample supply for decades. Around that now erroneous assumption has been framed a whole infrastructure of adversarial IR.
Think of the following as a continuance of the same game:
  • Network Aviation desperately trying to lure foreign pilots with big rumoured sign on and retention bonuses (all designed to provide an illusion of abundant supply)
  • A 'stream lead' former AIPA president actively involved in pilot supply.
  • Expanded 'skill shortage' visa categories including directly into Qantas being lobbied.
  • Pilot training colleges (were the financial burden is evenly split between the applicant and the taxpayer)
  • Open and delayed contractual 'negotiations'
  • Rumours circulating of another 'cull' of staff. Where form this time Little Napoleon?

All of that is a recognition that QF are acutely aware of the impending shortage. They will do everything in their power to ensure the deck is stacked the way the have enjoyed it. With a hasty order for A320 NEO now having to be absorbed in an over-scale demand elastic JQ, the existing A320 have to go somewhere!
Sadly in demographics is destiny and all of their effort is pointless. Does not mean they will change until the cancellation rate is noticed at board level and questions are asked. Usually this will follow a 'material change' being disclosed under ASX listing rules.
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