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Originally Posted by flareflyer View Post
Hello gents,

for those who left after how long did you receive your retention money?
was it inclusive of any other money?
i am due overtime and flight pay for August and they told me that they would have paid it with the retention
I received the retention money 2 days short of 2 months from LDS. (Clearing period from Banks varies from each countries)

The overtime and flight pays should be included on the Final cheque. The only reason the last salary and flight pay doesnt get included, is when you still have a No liability letter to be cleared in the bank. In this case, EK will deposit the last salary to that bank. It will not be added to the retention pay. It is for you to withdraw the amount and close the account once you have cleared all your loans, and This was my case.

should you have No liabilities to the Bank, all your money will be in 1 cheque except the Retention money which is a security deposit for the repair and repaint job to your former accomodation.
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