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Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 View Post
On the contrary, it is entirely relevant when the reduction of immigration is claimed to be a benefit of Brexit

Really? Successive governments have made it a declared policy to reduce immigration, and they have failed to do so. According to your theory, the electorate are not bothered about immigration since they still elected the last two governments.

All Brexit can do is apply the same failed controls to the smaller number of EU nationals, that have not reduced the larger number of non-EU nationals.
All true again Sally.

Except that, while successive Conservative/Coalition Governments have woefully failed to reduce non-EU immigration by any significant amount, it remains Government Policy to do so. Governments of all hues often fail to achieve their goals.

You may believe that the UK will never be able to control non-EU immigration; I donít agree.

But, Iím sure that you will agree that if we remain in the EU the UK will never be able to control immigration from the soon to be expanded EU.

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