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Originally Posted by sitigeltfel View Post
I see the chancellor is earmarking an extra 2bn for mental health services. Will that be enough to treat all the carpet chewing Remainers, especially the fruitbat with his silly costume, EU flag and banners who does his pathetic little dance behind TV reporters outside Parliament ? His deranged antics sum up the entire Remain movement !
Siti old boy !

Hast thou been watching repeats of Nige gracing our screens, or, art thou referring to one J.R-M here ?.......tis difficult to tell as both fulfil the criteria you have kindly provided above

Anyway, many Mail readers probably won't be in work today after celebrating Phil's generosity to support their lifestyles......and, better still, the scroungers get next to nothing !......that's just what these people deserve after all....they should have inherited wealth, worked harder at school, and arse licked their way to the top thereafter !

Thankfully, Middle Hingerlahnd have been spared the potential social ignominy of little Tamsin and Tarquin being forced to wear last years designer cast offs and Yummy Mummy can still arrive at the school gates in this years top of the range model of the marque of choice. And, of course, not being reduced a mere one cruise a year !.

Unfortunately, there's a little twist in the Tory largesse as the article points out......which is a neat bit of Tory duplicity now isn't it chaps. Not to worry though, you can all plan a little celebratory splurge this weekend at "La Truffilino Porcine " probably making sure you pass the local food bank en -route to mock the poor people, hwah ! hwah !.......and, when reality possibly kicks in, pause to think about a very uncertain economic future for the UK and the population

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