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Originally Posted by A Squared View Post
There is nothing unprofessional or disrespectful about taking the facts that are known, and applying knowledge of aviation to consider how an accident may have occurred. This is not a news organization presenting speculation as fact. If is a forum. Forums are for discussion. We are discussing things.
Completely right. What kind of moron logs on to a private forum for the discussion of potential aviation safety matters and complains that it's discussing the same. To say nothing of the fact it's an EXCELLENT mental exercise to try and process, from limited information, what might have happened to a flight which has had an incident. Good pilots are constantly considering whether they've experienced something similar, how they handled it, what the accident cause might be, etc. I'll fly with pilots who consider the possible causes any day - their brains are active, considering the problem and working it.

Not sitting back spouting nonsense about "respecting the dead" and "waiting for facts". This isn't the newspapers or live television. Go away.
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