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Originally Posted by Maisk Rotum View Post
A little early you say when the aircraft had precisely had that happen on the previous flight? ???
Certainly unreliable airspeed indication is one possible cause whcih shouldn't be discounted. We are, however, a long way from being able to say that we *know* that this was the cause. Yes, the fact that the airplane was previously written up for unreliable airspeed is an important clue. But it is in no way proof positive that the problem repeated itself. If it were, accident investigation would be vastly simplified. We could just pull out the maintenance log, find the last problem reported, and list that as the cause of the accident.

To put it differently, it is one thing to speculate that unreliable airspeed may have been a factor, and that there is evidence whcih supports that speculation. It is something completely different to state as fact, as you have done, that we know that the passengers were killed by the incompetence of the crew. Sadly, I suspect that you may lack the intelligence and basic human decency to grasp that distinction.

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