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Originally Posted by StormyKnight View Post

Or just 1... Flightradar data shows resonable airspeed, maybe a little high for so early in the flight, but if the pilots were getting a stall warning, they may have increased the throttle setting.
I wonder where the flightradar data transmitted from the plane comes from, i.e. which pitot tibe or which flight computer? Is it the one currently selected as the main by the pilots?
If just on pitot was faulty, airspeed & stick shaker warnings will operate until it is determined which one needs to be disabled. This should leave two to work with. How quickly the faulty one can be determined is an interesting question.
I hope the pilot in control was flying the plane rather than trying to diagnose the issue.
Looking at the flight on FlightAware, the speed and altitude are quite unstable from a minute or two into the flight.

Less than two minutes into the flight speed increases and altitude decreases, then reverses again to climb, the rates are all over the place - looks like they were trying to hold 5,000 feet. About ten minutes into the flight, according to FlightAware ADS-B, they start down at -1,114 fpm, then -3,857 fpm, and the last recorded is at -7,688 fpm. Then nothing.
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