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where is your outrage at the number of shootings and deaths in the inner cities
Deflection and "whataboutism" - the first and last refuge of the scoundrel.

But out of curiosity - what have you, personally, done to alleviate the many horrors of life in the inner city? Or are you another willing participant in the "malign neglect" of those places? In many ways beyond the crimes of violence (economic development, exclusion, vote suppression)? A booming "ghetto" economy (thus excluding the drug trade, an offshoot of poverty) would do a lot to reduce the violence.

Murder is always evil, but there is a difference between "an extension of business competition by other means" or perhaps "kill or be killed," on a retail basis (1-4 at a time), and wholesale targeting a place of worship based on religion or ethnicity and killing "as many as possible." Newsworthiness goes up as the square of the number of victims, and at an even higher rate if the crime smacks of the "crimes against humanity" of the 1940s.

I expect, if one explored Bowers' extended family, one or more of his relatives was killed, maimed-for-life or injured fighting against the philosphy he now (allegedly) espouses and kills for himself. It is sad that that philosophy, crushed so effectively then, has re-emerged, zombie-like, into the fringe (and not-so-fringe) politics of today.

I stand foursquare for the First Amendment, free speech, and free thought. But when it comes to the handful of philosophies that American warriors have actually died to defeat, sometimes I wonder - just wonder - if there should not be exceptions for those specific "ideas" here at home. Probably better historical education of our kids would be the preferable solution, however.

It does seem the current shocking event has cracked even Trump's "thought-wall." Although we'll have to wait and see if that is just "Teleprompter Trump" or whether it actually extends to "Twitter/Rally Trump."
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