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I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and my Dad went to a high school not far from the synagogue where the shooting took place. He was only but a handful of Gentiles in his senior class of over a hundred students. He had many Jewish friends in Squirrel Hill and when I was young he would take me shopping on Sunday morning to Squirrel Hill to buy clothing and shoes in one of the many shops where he knew the owners and they knew him. The streets were always jam packed with cars and people on Sunday mornings.

When I was 16 and got my drivers learning permit, you can guess where he took me to practice driving, Squirrel Hill. He said if I could drive well in Squirrel Hill on a Sunday morning, I could drive well anytime anywhere. It was all about defensive driving, anticipating and always paying attention. These are fond memories of the good times years ago rather than the sad event of this morning in Squirrel Hill.

May all that were affected by this senseless tragedy this morning be comforted by the community, friends and family.
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