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. West Coast, does one have to be a "liberal" to think that Trump's hate speech might have something to do with someone sending bombs to those he has ranted against? That seems like common sense to me, the first thing that an investigator would look into. (Your notion seems to be about like thinking that some woman with a MADD [Mothers Against Drunk Driving] sticker who got rammed by a drunk driver had to have staged the accident herself just to prove her point. Really, it is perfectly obvious that drunk driving is dangerous; nobody needs to stage an accident to make that point.) Trump has been quite happy to rev up the hate speech, starting with "Just beat the crap out of him!" and going on from there to naming the press as the enemy of the American people. He still smirks as his followers stand on their hind legs chanting "Lock her up! Lock her up!" It makes perfect sense that one of his haters should feel encouraged to turn hateful words into hateful action, doesn't it?
Just curious that liberals seek to blame Trump for everything, from your curiosity about why folks were polite to pipe bombs in the mail. Multi purpose boogeyman.
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