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This topic was supposed to be about her claims and Sam's contrary position, given his inside knowledge of the facts. I agree that we should only be scratching at new itchy bits, but each week seems to bring evidence of the continuing talks and pre-launch book & movie press appearances. Far from being down, she's riding a wave of public appearances with nobody allowed to question the validity, or reasonableness of her claims.

I'm not the one who keeps getting Lawyers to threaten court action. Tracey is behind the drive to go to court, or to at least suggest going there.

Given her stubborn refusal to answer simple questions, I see court as the only place that anyone can get the truth. She's got to avoid that because of the difficult questions which will centre not on the Solo aspect, but the standard of airmanship that she has spoken about and demonstrated. Imagine her having to answer the questions in court, instead of just calling everyone a women hating old man. Did she actually fly just a few feet from a cliff face, or just say that she did? Was she authorised to fly th eAN2, or did she just say that she was? Did she buzz the Whales or just say that she did? Has she got as much experience in flying the Stearman as anyone else in the world, or is that just something that she says? Did the aircraft need the entire runway at Winslow to get to 50 feet agl, or did she just say that it did? Was the fuel contaminated or is that just something that she said? Is she allowed to wear RAF Wings or...

I'm sure you can see her dilemma with the questions. This has long passed the solo point, and once Ewald had admitted to being in that seat for most of the time, the point was surely accepted by anyone with half a clue. She can't deny saying it, after the trip, because we have all seen the Herne Bay video. So she explained that as slip of the tongue.

The other stuff is harder to wriggle out of. Did she buzz the Whales? She can't deny it, unless she wants to open the door to all the rest of her story being a lie. She can't admit it and still expect to be considered a role model for aspiring Pilots.

Unless a victim comes forward, there is no real prospect of a criminal charge. I'm not sure why you think that there needs to be.
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