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Originally Posted by pr00ne View Post

That article is full of 'might' 'could' 'if' with no actual facts. And it is their club we are leaving, of course they want it to cost money! And some people are amazed that they are not happy with us leaving, not paying the membership (not that we ever paid the full amount) anymore and then demanding access to everything we had before...
All articles / discussions / deabtes / posts on here are ' might ' and ' could ' etc....

The rantings above about food and medicine shortages are also ' mights' and ' perhaps ' - so just for balance, etc....

Just an alternative point of view to yourself -

The EU isn't a club - call it a de facto nation ( own President, own parliament, own Supreme Courst, etc ) or call it a Trading Bloc, or call it history's greatest Ponzi Scheme or call it an idealogical ' Project 'or call it what you will, but club it most certainlty isn't.

And a bit exaggerted to say the UK is demanding - the UK is trying to start negotiations on a Trade Agreement subsequent to leaving, but it's the EU who, said not until we agree how much you're going to pay us for the privelege of leaving.and continued access to our markets. Did any of the other countries who the EU has Trade Agreements with have to pay a ' Joining Fee ' ? No....Thought not.!

Will the EU be paying for access to the UK market ? No....Thought not !

The biggest mistake that the UK made was not voting to leave, but thinking that it would be able to negotiate with normal, rational people rather than those who put their ideology before the employment prospects and wellbeing of 400 million EU citizens.
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