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Originally Posted by Prophead View Post
The spin from the remainers is 'Look at this, look what is going to happen after Brexit, we will not be able to cope'.
The spin, as you put it, was faithfully reported last night by several highly placed journalists including but not in any way limited to leave sympathetic Robert Peston, Faisal Islam, Nick Robinson & Adam Boulton. It is not spin, it is a discussion that took place in cabinet, was leaked & reported upon. Once again, and for the nth time on these pages, a Quitler takes an incontrovertible piece of information & twists it into a narrative to suit their own view of the world.

Originally Posted by Prophead View Post
The reality is these are plans being put in place to cover any short term difficulties in certain supply chains. It is possible these issues will be due to problems adjusting on the EU side which we are not able to control. It would be very worrying if these contingency plans were not being put in place and hopefully they will not be needed. Constantly picking these up and spinning it into Brexit fear mongering is helping nobody. As a leave voter I am glad to see plans being put in place for after we leave rather then this constant anti democratic crying and stamping of feet trying to re-run something that didn't go their way.
The reality, which as I've already shown is merely some form of abstract, malleable concept to you is that the highest levels of government are discussing contingency for ameliorating privations the likes of which we have not seen in this country since the second world war.

Irrespective of whether you consider that to be project fear or project fact I would expect anyone of sound mind to be appalled at that prospect. But no, to you, it's sensible precautions. How diminished we are as a nation to have apologists for the worst act of unprecedented self harm in our long history expounding this nonsense gaily as if it's just some sixth form debating society thing while focusing on the real issue which is obviously whether a crowd in London had this or that many people in it. Amazing.
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