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Originally Posted by Dick Smith View Post
In the USA the controllers in E use this system and in many cases the IFR planned aircraft climbs to the highest level available while in VMC.

I am am not sure how the controllers in the USA know what level the cloud starts. Can anyone help with that one?
OK, thanks Dick.

So effectively what we’re talking about is Class G below cloud level and Class A above - varying dynamically with the cloud base.

Sounds fine to me, although with our traffic density is there any need to change the status quo?

As an RPT 737 operator, I currently operate Class G out of places like Kalgoorlie or Port Hedland and hit Class E at FL180. I could be in cloud for all of that time in Class G. If you lowered the Class E altitude boundary, that would take a load off me for pilot-to-pilot separation and transfer that load to ATC. That sounds great to me as an airline pilot, but wouldn’t it increase ATC costs?

What is your motivation for this?

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