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No need to requisition ships when the government owns a 50% share in 4 RoRo, with the option to take them over fully if needs be.
As for the link spans at Calais et al, there is little difference in size between the vessels plying UK to Calais and UK to Zeebrugge. As I write this, Pride of York (31,785 grt) is alongside in Zeebrugge and Cotes Des Dunes (33,796) is entering Dover. However, this is a bit misleading, these ships and ports focus largely on people (passengers), while carrying a fair bit of cargo. I think most cargo between UK and Europe goes via container vessels, either big ones as part of their normal rotations or via ships classed as container feeders. Admittedly, that is container traffic, rather than road freight but who says road freight has to be door to door? How about road freight to Southampton, Portsmouth, Harwich etc and box freight over the water?
I listened to a senior boss from Stena recently and he was claiming to be terrified of what the current UK v EU argument re Ireland is likely to do to his Irish Sea business. He quoted all the Irish road freight that goes Dublin, Holyhead, Dover, using the UK as a land bridge between Ireland and Europe. He was saying how the loss of that traffic would hurt the UK financially. How? Paddy gets in his wagon in Ireland, drives to Dublin, has a kip on the journey to Holyhead or Liverpool, drives non-stop to Dover and repeats. If he does stop between Liverpool & Dover, he will probably pull out his trusty kettle and have a brew in the cab. He will not be dispensing largesse all along the highways and byways of England or Wales. In other words his journey will add sod all to the UK economy but will add to the wear and tear of the UK's roads.
There's far too much Chicken Licken syndrome being pushed in the media and by politicians with personal agendas. Why don't we all just shut up and see what happens? If it works out with an "All's well", smashing! If it all goes completely tits up, then it will be out with the pitch forks and in with a new government. And of course, which ever is the outcome, it will all be accompanied by some serious murmuring and tutting! We are, after all, British!
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