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Originally Posted by PDR1 View Post
Or perhaps anyone believing that 15%, or even the lesser figure of 8% of London's population was crammed into that space is able to look at a photograph and count. Don't worry - with a few more decades of practice your numeracy may get to the basic counting level (if you try really hard).


I don't need to take "counting" lessons from anyone, it is up to those claiming those ludicrous figure to do that. But they won't, because they can't.
They were never going to embarrass themselves with a lower figure, to try to boost numbers they even provided free transport.

You may not have heard of the concept of "proof" when promoting an argument, so here's a lesson for you. Pay special attention to the final sentence...

"As practiced, a proof is expressed in natural language and is a rigorous argument intended to convince the audience of the truth of a statement. The standard of rigor is not absolute and has varied throughout history. A proof can be presented differently depending on the intended audience. In order to gain acceptance, a proof has to meet communal statements of rigor; an argument considered vague or incomplete may be rejected. "


As for the use of the term "gammon", those using it as a slur are obviously unaware that many of their targets have laughed it off and accepted it as a badge of honour, especially as one of those regularly using it is this 34yo adolescent..

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