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I know that by some peoples' weird logic and imagination 3% to 5% of the UK demanding a 'Peoples Vote' is an overwhelming majority and 750,000 hardcore EU supporters must have their opportunity to override the vote of the 17 million who did vote to leave the EU, but hardly convincing except to the already convinced.
There aren't many people who seriously believe that, however the overwhelming majority of people are too idle or simply can't get to a demo in London - most of us don't live in that cesspit, or close enough to it to get there at the drop of a hat. There are 5 remainers living in my (very small) street who didn't attend for a variety of reasons, and I'm sure many others who didn't.

If you assume that probably something less than one in 10 people can be arsed to take direct action on anything, whether that be to join a march or actually complain to their supermarket because there aren't enough tills open, it might be reasonable to assume that that 750k could present as many as 7.5 million in the population - still nowhere near the numbers that turned out to vote on 23.6.16 but a sizable number nonetheless.

Still, at this late stage I can't see a demo of 750k, 1.5m or whatever changing anything. The battle will start in earnest after the UK leaves the EU, especially if it turns out, even just in the short to medium term to be an economic disaster. There will be an almighty backlash against the ring leaders if that proves to be the case. The 2022 general election could prove very interesting, and very divisive.
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