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Democracy isnt democracy unless people can change their minds.. That little snippet is a quote from a certain D Davies in an earlier role.

But seriously even the most rabid Quitter would have to agree this si the most divisive issue in Britain since the Civil War and as they are so confident of their cause why not have a second informed' referendum. They may have notice that remainders rather than being weak and childish are actually comprised of the younger elements of society who will merely reverse the thing in ten years anyway, people from and around London and who are therefore closest to the largest source of revenue for the country and judging from the fact they dont use abusive terms, violence and bad language all the time when talking about 'the other side' might just have a fuller understanding of the issues than some quitters do .

Several countries have had second referendums on Eu issues which overturned the first because over the 2-3 interval people really understood what their heart over head vote (often understandable why they felt that way) meant for their job, their well being and their childrens future.

So why not just have a second referendum, if Brexit wins then the stay people will have to be quiet-because the sniping and sabotage wont stop once we leave, you can be assured of that especially as reality checks in.

I am afraid for me the mind set of two many quitters is epitomised by a woman on the internet two days ago , she voted leave so we can have an Empire again !!!!!!!!!
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