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Are you trying to land on a dolly or some unique spot or are you just trying to figure out where the heels of the skids are on the landing gear as you touch down?

I am thinking what you are trying to do is learn "the ability to know where the heels of the skids are...." which is a learned ability that comes from practice.

An example....until I developed the "feel" for the Chinook's aft landing gear position....landings were easy enough if they were on a somewhat smooth flat area.

Later on....I was able to place the Aft Gear wheels on a Rice Paddy Dike without coaching from the crew.

I also "learned" where the Cargo Hook was.....and could put the Hook into an up held sling donut without coaching from the crew.

I cannot tell you how it happens...but in time you will pick up that ability and it is just a learned ability that comes to you over time.

I also advocate visualizing exactly where you are going to land the helicopter starting with the very first reduction of Collective as you begin your approach to your landing site/airport/helipad.

Then keep that visualization going until the aircraft is firmly on the ground.

That will make for better approaches which also make for better landings.
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