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Perhaps people are confused as to the role of the NASIG. They are not there to 'use their judgement', make decisions "based on professional and properly constructed grounds" etc etc. They are there to drive the change process. Any belief in altruism is laughable.
Why do you think there has been this piecemeal approach to implementation? Educational grounds? Hahaha. The whole idea was to cut it up into small enough pieces that the industry would accept the pain if drip fed it. And the holy grail is cessation of DTI. Because that is truly where any (if) money can be saved.
This whole thing is about money. Private and govt interests come together here. Any service that will be provided in the future will be cost shifted to the airlines directly (see CAGRO as an example). The exception being Air Traffic Control, because that is a de-facto tax that the govt would only give up if it was selling it. (Note to BIK: That doesn't mean ATC is unneccesary, just that the govt uses ATC for profit). PVT will get nothing (or pay thru the nose). The losers will be those most at risk (IMHO), small c commercial operators. The big end of town can afford to provide CAGRO, briefing etc, but the bank-runners/small charter/tourist ops etc are the strugglers, operating fast enough aeroplanes to get into trouble, with the least equipment fit-out. The mid-airs in the future will be between chieftains. They do the most flying in the least serviced (riskiest) airspace, no TCAS, no CAGRO, and soon no radio net. And good luck to the guys in the Dash8s etc who, even with TCAS, might not be able to avoid them.
This is a philosophical thing, this dollar-based decision making. A fundamental shift in thinking is/has taking/taken place. Telstra is slowly but surely removing services to the bush, bringing the true costs of service to country areas etc (it's a business after all
). Air services are just another step along that path (or gangplank, depending on your point of view).

Just wish they would call a spade a spade. Might not go down too well with the public, but if you have the courage of your convictions.............nothing to be ashamed of......... right?
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