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"Faster than Road or Rail" seemed a good idea and implied that although flyBe may be more expensive than other modes, flying would be quicker - maybe.
They needed to get a better deal at MAN for this to happen.
I long stopped using Flybe to fly MAN-EDI. & MAN-SOU purely because using MAN T3 this summer, you didn't know whether security would take 5 minutes or two hours. Added to the hassle of drop off and pick up congestion, or the use of remote drop off makes a 40 minutes flight uncompetitive to the alternatives.

Now if part of T3 actually turned into a domestic terminal for quick and easy entry/exit it might make the "Faster than Road or Rail" more viable.
MAN is a major hub for Flybe but the set up in T3 has done it no favours IMHO.
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