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Goord afternoon guys and gals,

Anyone in the run for a DEFO in LIS? I had the thumbs up for the online test few weeks ago, could not make it to the tech-interview this month so I am waiting for the Dec's dates to become available.
Meanwhile I am after some information Re. the interview process itself. I understand that if held in LTN it might wrap together the Q&A with the SIM session while other venues i.e. LIS would imply that the SIM is left for a later date, is that correct?
Anyone with some tips, feedback, notes from previous and recent experience willing to share?
Also: do they have a factored-hours scheme still in place? I did some Google-search but what has come up seems outdated so any fresh details are very welcome.
Last but not least: the figures that can be found on PPJN Re. the different contracts (i.e. UK vs. ITA vs. PT vs...) are they reliable?

Thanks in advance

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