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Interesting discussions, I have taught both low tow and high tow in a number of countries and used them both for valid reasons. I'm aware of the incident Australia had, but countries across the world had tug 'upsets' and more recently there was a fatal accident low down in low tow which has caused a rethink at one of the bigger Australian clubs.

Having done some long level aerotow retrieves towards the top end of the speed range, the low tow seems to keep the slack out of the rope more easily. The idea of landing on tow is something most countries have consigned to history, with the reliability of wheelbrakes, the risk is far higher than it needs to be if you needed to do it, and a mistake low down would not leave much room for error. In many countries you have a weak link at the glider and tug end of the rope, so even if you couldn't land with the rope on the glider, you could do a controlled break of that weak link. Saying that, chances of not being able to release are very low if everything has been done properly beforehand. Just my two cents

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