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Just a bit hesitant about getting one due to the cost in the UK and the horror stories I've heard from instructors about people failing for silly reasons.
You are going to have to bite the bullet on this at some point and as I’m sure you realise nothing about flying training is cheap... If you go overseas you’ll have to factor in transport costs and I’d suggest a hotel, food etc.- You won’t be doing yourself any favours pitching up for a medical straight off a noisy flight (hearing test) and with an elevated stress level because you’ve been worrying all morning about the flight operating to schedule (blood pressure).

I’m really not sure what you’ve heard about U.K., over the years I’ve done a few dozen Class Ones with various U.K. AMEs and they have been fine and they have an interest you flying, not grounding for foreign medicals being in some way “easier”...well can’t really comment objectively on that but it’s not meant to work that way.

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