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Source please?

If I understand this correctly, I can go to an EU state where medicals are cheap, get the initial done there, do my training in the UK, then return to that EU state to take my exams and that will be a valid way to do this?

Just a bit hesitant about getting one due to the cost in the UK and the horror stories I've heard from instructors about people failing for silly reasons. I'm not exactly the fittest of specimens otherwise I'd have done it long ago! So now I'm trying to see if, for the cost of a UK initial Class 1, maybe it'll be cheaper to fly out to an EU state, get it done there, as well as visit some of the schools in that area as well. Kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

With Brexit coming up, I don't think a UK-issued license will be as coveted as it once was.... am I wrong in thinking this?
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