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Originally Posted by Buter View Post

Well, thatís easy enough. You re wrong. In fact, youíre wrong on a grand scale.

Nobody in BALPA is scared of BA; far from it, son.

Protecting Long Haul Barons? A well worn argument. Weíve got one of our most respected CC reps leaving his long haul throne to take a Short Haul command. The chairman is a flat earther. The Gatwick reps (shorthaul by definition) are beyond reproach. Thereís a shorthaul captain doing awesome work for the training team and the pay team. I suppose you know better than me, though?

You donít want to give BALPA a penny? Thatís your call, dude. Feel free to ride your brothersí coat tails. Can I assume youíll be happy to accept the pay rise weíre currently negotiating? Does that make you a hypocrite? You decide.

Bash the company or the union with facts and you wonít hear a word from me. Go public with ill informed opinions and Iíll counter.

All - if you're hoping to join BA, please canvass opinion from all sources. It ainít great, anymore, but it ainít complete shite, either. Itís definitely not for everyone, but itís a step up from most places. Itís all your call.

Cheers, yíall.


Hey Buter, what is it in your opinion that has made it not so great anymore?

I dont know if this is true but was told by an ex BA pilot on 777 that BA short haul is now probably the toughest gig in the UK, would you agree with that statement?

Is the pay rise happening anytime soon and will it be better than Easy, Ryanair etc?
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