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Originally Posted by kaz3g View Post
Hi Squawkie

can you give me a rough ball park figure to set up appropriate cameras at YSHT please? The Flying school has wifi and the Aeroclub is interested in buying the hardware.

Iím 75 and techno illiterate so please be gentle...

Well... I was advised a couple of months back that they didnít want them and as a result we are putting up 2 at Wahring field to the south next weekend.

If minds have been changed since then, budget for $90 for two, delivered, if you can get power to the cameras via 240 volt power plug, extension cord, in a roof, down a hole in the eaves or otherwise.

There are pictures and prices all on the website and they are all at cost with no markup. The service is provided by pilots, for pilots.

If you want flashy ones like Temora and Wang, youíre up for some $350 for 2.

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