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Originally Posted by KelvinD View Post
I wonder where these figures actually come from? I wonder if the 2M figure was calculated by Sharp and Wide Boy, auditors and counters of beans? Or did a reporter take a sherry inspired guess and it "just growed and growed"? The cost can not be down to the cost of the soldiers involved; they were going to be paid for sitting in the barracks, bulling their boots anyway. The cost can not be ascribed to "additional police". There are NO additional police. Anywhere! There will presumably a cost for overtime for police officers who may have had to work their rest day. The cost can not include hire of the village hall for the hooley afterwards. That happened in Dad's place, while Nanna provided the place and victuals for a pre-wedding beano..
As for the girl herself; good luck to her and her husband.
Incidentally, talking of costs to the tax payer, I read this week that H.M. the Queen had to charter a plane to get them back from Aberdeen to London. Yet members of H.M. Government are apparently able to call upon the R.A.F. for their transport needs.
The taxpayer has to fork out around 7 million annually, in London alone, to provide policing at football stadiums owned by billionaires. The cost across the country must be staggering.
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