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Originally Posted by ManUtd1999 View Post
The 25/week refund is insulting more than anything else. We're talking about life-changing sums of money invested here, both for the cadets and often their families.
Yep, even before you consider the lost earning potential, the extra cost over a modular route, for what is turning into a poorer course is ridiculous.

And I wouldn't be surprised if things get worse before they get better. L3 are still taking on cadets, and the delays keep being handed out, so I have no idea how they ever think they'll catch up. The past few days they've handed out stand downs between foundation and advanced phases for some students (for those who haven't been through L3 training, foundation is the SEP VFR phase reaching a roughly PPL equivalent level, and advanced starts SEP IFR then the moves up to MEP IFR and VFR, leading to the CPL skills test), and those students have been told to expect further delays between CPL and IR training. Chatting to some of the instructors they seem to be thoroughly embarrassed, and shocked by the delays being handed out, and more and more seem to be looking for a way out.

I would have hoped that L3 would be prepared to write off a bit of their profit to do the right thing but there you go.....
This has given me a huge chuckle, one of very few recently!
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