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Thats great to hear.
Apart from the challenges and fun involved, once solo and in your own glider costs come down dramatically... on a soaring day or when ridge/wave is working, its the cost of a launch (8-10 winch, 18-30 aerotow depending on club) then air time is effectively free (yes I know cost of ownership, but the more you do the less each flight costs)
it typically costs around 1000 per year to keep, insure, maintain a glider less if syndicated. Im fairly sure most powered aircraft are substantially more.
Going solo is going to require a bit of time but if a course of any type is offered which gives you concentrated flying - take it, it will shorten things substantially.
Portmoak has 2 ridges so long flights off the winch are almost the norm. progress should be quick - im off up there next week... fingers crossed for the weather!
Look at the achievements of Portmoak pilots over the last few years... it could be you very soon!
Good luck and enjoy!
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