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You are right. My dates are years out. For 1978 read 1972 and 1979(?) read 1973(?). I was pushing a Puma 330G around in 1978.

I will claim to be the instigator of plastic blades for the S330C fleet.

Up at Teeside I was introduced to the 330G with plastic blades. At that time the RAF were buying up every metal blade available to keep the fleet going. The performance difference was incredible and I was flying them at 7,400kgs instead of the 6.700kgs of the Air Force. I wrote a long letter to my boss, Wingco Harding, enthusing about the performance advantages. They then discovered that there was a set of plastic blades in boxes at Boscombe which were going to be trialled when convenient.

They were shipped up to Odiham to be flown and created such an impression that in no time the fleet was fitted with them.

when the jack split the nose leg moved way forward of its normal position.
In my case the nosewheel assembly was jammed against the forward bulkhead of the nosewheel bay so I didn't bother with sandbags.
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