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I would do it. Worth every penny even if you should not continue. Did some two week basic glider course myself (around 50 very short patterns around the field with instructor plus three final solos) back at university. Great experience and teaches you accurate flying. Excellent foundation for possible single engine PPL later as well.

For a beginner some course or school is very good because you make fast progress. Later on a club is nice if you have the time needed. Gliding is not expensive but it's a team sport with a lot of support jobs needed to be done so expect to spend at least one or two weekends a month at your local glider airfield.
That sounds like you flew with the Air Cadets. It's a bit different with a gliding club, and at the SGC there will be plenty of hill soaring before going solo, especially in the early stages learning co-ordination etc. Of course hill soaring only when the wind is right!
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