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Fantastic choice of club, SGU at Portmoak gets some of the best flying conditions in the country with long average flight times compared to other clubs without hills. The weather in Scotland isn't as bad as people make out, in fact it can often be pretty poor for power flying but fantastic for Gliding as the conditions aren't always mutual. The 250 course should give you the insight to if it's for you, though you'll probably fly with many instructors it'll be fairly consistent and nearly always free of charge, unlike the power world I've found in which some instructors are just building hours for a job and don't hang around long. Also as part of the British Gliding Association you'll have the opportunity to be welcomed to clubs across the country to experience the broad range of flying on offer, many clubs and individuals even go abroad at reasonable cost to experience flying in the alps or even down in New Zealand, it's a very friendly form of flying. You'll hear horror stories of people slaving away all day to not fly, this is not the norm anymore as clubs have had to adapt to modern times, most clubs just ask for a half day to keep the operation going and many operate free online booking systems to plan the day.

Power Flying isn't put to waste either as once you are qualified with a LAPL or SPL you'll by then hopefully be able to easily convert over to touring motor gliders after some conversion training, many of which are under 100 an hour and are just slightly slower than your average Cessna 150, so fantastic value, and if you're still hungry for more power flying there are route to the LAPL (A) and PPL which lead onto glider towing too!


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