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I hope you all saw the amazing photo on the first page....number 13....of the view from a glider over Scotland. O yes. A while ago I managed to achieve that same view, which proves that Scotland has salt water on three sides. Amazing day, got to 20,000 feet, with Oxygen of . course, and that was in about 55 minutes after the launch by airtow from Deeside Gliding Club, came off tow on the front of the wave bar, and a steady smooth climb after that, delightful! Only worry was that flying back and forth along the wave bar, I built up some ice on the eastern side of the glider canopy, so decided as there may well have been another glider nearby not so easy to see, that 20,000 plus 200 feet was high enough for the day! . On the way back down to the airfield there was a lovely cloud shaped like a donut, and couldn't resist flying through the donut, not a good idea as the canopy really misted up, but it cleared quickly enough, so returned to the gliding club safely, and turned over my two barographs to the officials, confirming the gain of height. Diamond height. But to tell the truth I was nervous throughout not only because of the canopy misting, but the thought that if my oxygen failed, there would be very little time to descend to safety height. So with diamond height completing my three diamonds, ever since I have enjoyed cross country flying at sensible heights...
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