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I pushed a letter explaining this to the appropriate Puma upper management in the mid 80s.
They probably wouldn't do anything about it until there is a smoking hole after a tail rotor runaway.

When an extra machine arrived on the squadron at the end of 1972 it had a 'sting', a skid on the bottom of the pylon to give some protection to the tail rotor. None of it's predecessors had these fitted so we petitioned for them to be fitted to all the aircraft. This was refused and we were told that they would definitely not be retrofitted.

Thetford Range 1973(?) , XW219 holds the flare too long and it sinks with the result that the tail rotor hits the ground, then breaks up leading to an untidy crash and a couple of squaddies are injured.

Within a month all the aircraft had a skid.

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