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( which led to a restrictor being fitted in the line to the nose jack, as the jack on my aircraft split when I put the gear down),
I had one of those at Thetford but being a steely with instant reactions I sussed what the problem was, pulled the emergency hydraulics handle thereby isolating the undercarriage hydraulics. (It had happened before to someone else so I knew what to do).
They then asked me to fly it back like that but as I wasn't sure how reliable the shut off valve was I declined.

should have been changed years earlier.
A few years later on a different aircraft, an S76A. Caution Panel comes up with N02 HYD Press. On the 76 that is the prime side with U/C etc. I lower the gear but it only half extends. I continue to Aberdeen and shoot an ILS but see nothing at 200 ft. so go to my diversion at Kinloss.
Emergency lowering with hydraulic fluid all over their brand new dispersal but all are safe.

The quill drive on No2 hyd had failed so I was flying on one hydraulic system. The pump was lifed 'on condition' and it had failed at about 1.900 hrs.
The S76 will not fly without hydraulics and the pump I was flying on had 2,300hrs.

After that it was 1,500hrs life

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