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Originally Posted by MrAndy View Post
Flyera359, can you point to me which page of the contract or employee handbook this is referenced to? I was looking at the handbook, and it seems to state that you will get upgraded based on seniority and as long as you are qualified. If you are right, then that truly sucks because one has limited control over these productivity requirements.
Hi MrAndy. That's exactly what I was saying. You will be upgraded based on seniority, as long as you are qualified. The Handbook 2018 I posted, shows this in Appendix 8. To make the grade of First officer 1 you will need greater than 2000 hours but less than or equal to 3000 hours. For reference, many ab initio crew (crew with only their initial training in adelaide) do not reach 2000+ hours until around year 4+ in the company. Since these hours count as total time, if you are ab initio and someone junior to you joins with 1000 hours, they will essentially upgrade before you do, even though you are more senior. On COS18, you will not receive Bypass pay (which we do now), hence, you will only upgrade on long as you are qualified...according to Cathay's new rules. Currently it is only by seniority, so regardless of time in the company, or hours accrued, when it is your time, and barring any issues in your training file, you are eligible for upgrade. You will notice that those hours change on the 747 fleet. So people on that fleet, junior to you, will become First officer, on that fleet, before you will (depending on which fleet you are assigned). Unfortunately as of late, even though it is in the current contract, Cathay will now allow people to upgrade on a different fleet unless the company sees fit. The 747 fleet, at the moment, is extremely angry about this. Many are trying to get off of the fleet, yet they keep offering cross fleet volunteers only from 777 to Airbus. 747 is essentially stuck with the worst rosters until "the company sees fit". You will notice that last phrase or similar to that many times in the new contract.
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