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A young constable sees his mates getting knocked down and beaten during a riot, bricks, bottles and stones flying everywhere. Thousands of violent protesters outnumber the police ten to one...

After a couple of minutes the young copper cracks and runs, ending up cowering in a shop doorway. A figure stands over him and places a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

"Come on son," says the figure "You're mates are still out their holding the line and doing their duty. They're relying on you - don't let them down...don't let yourself down...don't let the force down."

The young copper takes a deep breath..."You're right sarge, I'll be alright now." He stands up and starts to walk back to the line.

The figure says "Well, done lad...oh, and by the way, it's Chief Superintendent, not Sergeant"

"Bloody hell!" say the young copper "I didn't realise I'd run that far back..."
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