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what are are those options ?

How far is your head in the sand? Are you really that blind?
The US is hiring like crazy and if you donít have a US Passport get a Green Card immediately. The State Dept are handing them out like candy. The last thing the government wants is parked airplanes.
China is paying $27,000 a month and needs twice as many pilots as the US does.
Korean Ethiopian and Turkey are still expanding but get to the US now. Youíll be a captain in under 3 yrs and be making close to $300,000 with all the extras. It goes without saying youíll work far less than you will in the sand.
Are you really unaware of your options Flyboy? I hope youíre aware of your options when you are crossing the Atlantic and I hope you are not in denial about how good things are here. Look at your options and get out.
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