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Originally Posted by AIMINGHIGH123 View Post
I am mid thirties with young kids and been having doubts. I think I might be too old to take full advantage of a career with BA.

I have been bit later to aviation than some, career change guy, or my other plan with my age is to just go to EK for 10 years be flogged to death then come back and go EZY or someone like that.

I would love to try long haul, and hope if i get in to BA I can try it. From what I gather itís possible to go to LH and if itís not for you go back to SH? Obviously not straight away.

Im at a crossroad just weighing up options.

Go through the application process if youíre interested, brother. You ainít got a decision to make until you get offered a job.

You may get offered long haul or short haul, depending on what theyíre short of on the day. Apparently, at the moment, you get offered a job once and once only. Your choice.

if you accept a seat on one of our fleets you will be there for for 5 years unless the company wants to move you. That includes long haul back to short haul.

EK for 10 years? You outta your fíing mind?

Best of luck, dude!

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