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Originally Posted by wiggy View Post

Hi again, just to add my post wasnít a ďpopĒ at you, but perhaps more an attempt at a bit of a heads up for some not in the company who see BA through rose tinted specs and BA LH through doubly rose tinted specs. I know BA LHR SH rosters can be horrid these days, but I know that some of those arriving for work see the LH crews leaving the car park at breakfast time and think ďalright for themĒ with perhaps not recognising where they have been for the previous few hours.

Over the years once a LH fleet picks up a large number of low credit trips it can be chuffing hard to get near CAP and maintain sanity.....witness over the years some of the rosters seen on the 747, 744 and 777. I guess the 787 might be stuck with similar at the moment due to the long range issues but TBH I havenít looked at your guys rosters..if that is the case hopefully youíll see an improvement once the engine issues get sorted - whatever happens I hope all works out OK for you.

Re JSS...might be better for some, might be worse...Iím not convinced it is a panacea for the junior pilots...I actually agree with Pickledís take on how it will out for many of them ...but since Iíve yet to even see a dummy roster Iím only guessing....

no offence taken mate , we are all good . Good post btw
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