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[QUOTE=atlas12;9391587]I am in the same situation as you hammer. I have 6000 total, 1000 on the NG. I was always very keen on EK but they fly 99hrs a month without fail, all layovers 24 hrs, which is completely unsustainable. My current company we fly 80hrs and that is enough for me.


You can't go completely on what's on PPRuNe.

If you're interested in EK apply, come out to Dubai, have a mini break on the airline and have a look around, catch up with friends and experience just how expensive the beer is, the interview is as it is.

Re the hours, 99 hours every month, not true, they will roster you just under productivity,

Anyone who says Dubai is expensive.
Yes and No but getting more expensive.
Depends on where you spend your money and on what. Bars Brunches fast cars leaky boats etc you will go through it.

There are some pretty pi$$ed off people who post on here and its justified, the airline culture can be brutal if you fall on the wrong side of it, its unforgiving and that can be no fault of your own, however it was said of a manager now gone, if you have a problem he's good, if you are the problem, he's really bad, same could be said for dealing with Fleet.

There are over 4000 pilots in the company, most of whom don't post on here, I don't know if they're happy or not.

For a young guy I'd recommend it.

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