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Originally Posted by Buden2 View Post

Please, I beg you, do not give undue weight to the comments made from the user above (And similar comments). In absolutely no way are the delays suffered by L3 cadets (especially those on the integrated whitetail course) getting better. It is without a shadow of a doubt that the delays are only getting worse; CP’s are being delayed before training, during training and more recently inbetween phases of training. Most CP’s, if not all, are taking a hit of up to 4 months to begin IR phases with L3 admitting to these cadets that they don’t know how or where they will provide this training post CPL.

Furthermore, the communication from L3 has been absolutely shambolic to put it lightly, our CP has been given delays whilst in New Zealand that we have not been informed about until we enquired ourselves. When L3 feels as though they have subjected their customers to enough torment they send the occasional email to remind people that they are well aware of the delays they are suffering yet continue to make absolutely no changes to their intake of cadets/policies/training. To help take the edge off the brutality of the delays L3 offer to give cadets 25 per week of delay after the first 5 weeks of delay. Ludicrous.

The facilities are overcrowded, made only worse by the fact that the schedulers are unable to get the most out of the resources at an increasingly testing time.

Things are most definetly not ‘on the up’ as this user has explained. Do not be fooled by The false advertising from L3, it is simply lies to get hold of your money and not provide the training you signed up for.

As with everything on PPRuNe you should take all posts with a pinch of salt, even my own. I wrote that based on my experience at the time and what I had been told/found out what was going on. Since then more has come to light, I'll admit the situation is far from ideal for a number of cadets, but again I can only comment on my own experiences. However, all that can be said for certain is that the delays are present, and will affect the majority of cadets in the system. How long it will take for the problem to be rectified is up to L3. Even if all CP intakes were cut off now, that would not alleviate the pressure for another 6 months. The fact is it takes time to hire, train and retain instructors and other employees, so there will be no overnight fix for the issues. If I was in the driving seat I would be looking at how Phoenix could be resurrected (excuse the pun).

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