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Re: The Importance of Voting at OUR AGM .
by Tracey Curtis-Taylor Fri Oct 05, 2018 9:41 pm

I think that the higher message is here - "OUR". LAA members, look at the bigger picture!

Be aware that the use of proxy votes can be a tool used by both those in favour and against the motions
Wise words, it sounds like the vote could be close, and Tracey is worried that she has to supplement the basis of the decision.

I think of the fuss about the US vote for their judge lately, 49/51 the media tells us. People are pouring all of their emotion into a fight to the philosophical death on the vote on the judge, and with apparent reason! One side loses, and there will be great anger! The populous is whipped into a frenzy about it - it is important!

An Award?! A vote to restore an award taken away by member vote?! And Tracey would allow "HER" LAA to fight about it?! She would rather have 51% of the LAA members [re]award her an award she really does not seem to deserve. She would willingly allow 49% of the members feel horrible about their participation in the LAA!

King Solomon is about to make a decision, and Tracey is struggling to be in the center of it, about to let the baby be cut in half over it! Tracey will happily take away a half from an angry LAA, rather than to allow a unified LAA to exist. To Tracey, Tracey getting a pat on the back is more important than "HER" LAA. To me, that says it all!
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