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I do not believe that the awards committee would have given the award had they known at the time it was not solo. They have themselves clarified that they believed it had been solo, and described the situation as a "deception".

I believe that that there must have been somebody more deserving of the award (who had actually done what they said they had done).

Having lawyers write multiple threatening letters to both the LAA and individuals in it (whilst falsely describing them as vindictive and mysognistic), in an effort to sell a new film, is not right.

The whitewash, spin and lies continue unabated (changing statements, changing wikipedia pages, refusing to answer the difficult questions), and will only get worse if the decision is reversed.

1-6. For.
7. Against.
8. Against.

If you want an award/prize/certificate/recognition etc. - you have to have actually done what you said you had done. Anything else is called cheating.
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