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Only slightly funny, but true:-
As my climbing partner (even older than me) and I were lacing up our boots to go for a wee wander over a few hills, a passing motorist stopped and offered to help. Now I know we both look pretty geriatric, but we can still manage to put on our own boots. So, somewhat puzzled, we declined his offer. "But you've got a puncture, surely I can help," he said. Even more mystified, we assured him we had no puncture. He looked equally mystified, but soon gave up and drove off.
Hours later, up the hill, the penny dropped.
When you leave a TVR in a layby for several hours, it is prudent to put the roof up. And to get the roof panel out of the boot, you must first remove the spare wheel and lay it on the ground.

Truly, to assume anything makes an ASS of U and ME.
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