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Originally Posted by Uncle Fred View Post
I see that Mr. Trump is having a spotlight shone on his inheritance. Seems that his father fattened young Donald's wallet a bit more than Donald will admit. Plus there might have been some tax irregularities involved.

All too late to be prosecutable and tax avoidance by the rich is a fine art anyway so it all seems to be an FYI exercise.

Either way I cannot imagine he will even try to rebut the accusations as he is too busy mocking Dr. Ford. This will of course win him even deeper support among the distaff side of his base as the women therein very much seem to enjoy sniffing the glove.
Who cares, seriously who cares. Who writes the tax laws, folks with money, who can change the tax laws, folks with money. Why donít they change the tax laws, they have money and want to keep it.
Why at these levels are the tax laws vague around the edges, because they are written for folks that have money.

Take a look at the tax laws, if you donít like the Govtís interpretation of the tax in your case, you can shop around for a tax lawyer that will plead your case in tax court, you may or may not prevail, at those nose bleed money levels itís worth it.

Friend of mine, years ago in the UK was advised by his tax accountant to purchase a Rolls Royce, 99% of us will never, ever hear those words.

Dont like it, go out and make millions of dollars, then you will.

One law for them, one for the rest of us.

Newspapers that were once bastions of the free press now reduced to tabloid journalism, next thing will be a picture of Trump meeting with Martians to fix the 2020 election.

And if you believe in the tooth fairy, yesterday McConnel went on the Senate floor and delivered a speech, part of which involved Kavanaugh, up popped Schumer right after him with a prepared speech refuting same.
Coordination between staffs, inquiring minds want to know.

We all are being played, wound up for the mid terms, Kavanaugh is purely collateral damage.
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