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Originally Posted by Johnny [email protected] Pants View Post
I actually don't think that is the case, profit margins are very tight, it is down to volume. MAG runs airports that collectively see a throughput of about 60 million people, and they made 217 million, thats less than 4 per passenger unless I'm being a bit numb (there's a good chance of that), and I know from having sat and listened to the management of the biggest airline based at MAN, that margins are similar, 4p in the .

I don't think they are having a serious laugh at all, not at those margins.
Revenue per passenger was nearly 14 in the last financial year. Profit can be adjusted through investment decisions, depreciation, etc so 'making' 217m is potentially not the full picture. Besides, they still managed to give shareholders dividends of 166m - or around 2.80 per passenger...
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