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Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator View Post
We had to change ours to Government Service.
Not sure Government Service is a good handle on a Passport. In January 1975 I flew an IAS Britannia 312F on a change of plan LOT charter from Cairo to Warsaw. After shutting down a Polish Army corporal arrived in the flight deck behind a lethal looking automatic rifle shouting passerports, passerports! After we handed them over the F/E, who had only been out of the RAF for two months, exclaimed: Oh sh*t, Im still a Government Official in my passport! Fortunately the (rather plump) LOT charter lady who was looking after us realised our dilemma and managed to recover all the crew passports before they were handed to officialdom - on condition we stocked up with vodka in the duty free shop, so she could join the crew party during our nightstop in the airport hotel.
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